77 LUBRICITE Padding Lacquer

77 LUBRICITE Padding Lacquer

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 Industrial Finishing Products are the exclusive distributors of 77 Lubricite, a padding lacquer.

Available in Quart, 1 and 5 Gallon Sizes. Use with #20 Solvent

The gloss and beauty of the finish is controlled by the degree of application. By padding at convenient intervals, 77 Lubricite can be sanded in between coats with free cut sandpaper. For dulling to a satin dull, use 4/0 steel wool pads, applying lightly, or rub lightly with 4/0 pumice stone (with water or oil), using a rubbing felt.

77 Lubricite dries almost instantly. It is converted from a liquid to a solid in three to five minutes. 77 Lubricite DOES NOT NEED LUBRICATION and overcomes the objections of the old fashioned French Varnish methods.

Use a firm, lint-free cotton pad or cheesecloth. DO NOT add oil or other mixtures to 77 Lubricite. Use only #20 Solvent or thinner.

The padding process can be more accurately controlled by first moistening the pad lightly with #20 Solvent. By this method, the solvent will be pressed through the gum while padding, thereby helping to anneal the gum to the surface. Add more 77 Lubricite or solvent to the pad as needed. 

Gain complete dispersion of 77 Lubricite and #20 Solvent before starting the pad. Keep the pad moistened with #20 solvent, add the 77 Lubricite and press the pad and contents vigorously in the palm of your hand.

You can readily manipulate the applications to produce a thin or heavy coat as desired.

Pad lightly. Let the padding material take as it chooses. The first three or four padding strokes should be done very lightly, covering the entire surface of the piece. The pressures should be progressively increased until the pad has dried out and slips smoothly.

PAD FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. Pad by semi-circle strokes or straight across the piece. Pad in a narrow figure eight motion to fill the pores of the wood. Pad in a straight line with the grain to strighten out the circles or figure eights. When padding a small spot on a large surface, ALWAYS blend it out, just like you would paint a large surface.

Slide the pad on and off the surface without stopping. ALWAYS lift the pad at the end of each stroke. Keeping the pad stationary will mar the finish.

77 Lubricite performs all the requirements which otherwise would call for two or three different solutions.
1. It will pad out press marks
2. It will build up the finish where it is dry, and where it is needed.
3. It will color pad with T Stains without the use of oil.