IFP Paste Grain Filler

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I.F.P. Paste Grain Filler is composed of Silex combined with Linseed Oil and Japan drier. It is available in a variety of colors. This filler can also be tinted with Japan or Universal Paste pigments.  The filler should always be a darker shade than the stain.

Available in Quart, 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon pails

*We can also custom match any color.

1000 Clear
1001 White
1002 Antique White
1003 Black
1004 Burnt Umber
1005 Raw Umber
1006 Burnt Sienna
1007 Raw Sienna
1008 Van Dyke Brown
1009 Red Mahogany


  • Mix the paste filler with a small amount of Mineral Spirits or Naptha.
  • Continue to add more solvent until the material is of proper consistency for brushing.
  • Wood with coarse pores will require a thicker filler than wood with small pores.
  • Apply the filler with a fairly stiff brush.
  • Brushing is done with the grain and can be finished by cross-brushing if desired.
  • The whole idea is to pack the filler into the pores.  Keep the filler in the can well mixed, as it has a tendency to settle.
  • The filler will lose its wet appearance in about 5 minutes.
  • Clean off the surplus filler by wiping across the grain.
  • Finish wiping with clean rags, stroking with the grain.
  • Difficult places can be wiped with a round brush.
  • While working with large projects, watch the place where you start brushing, since this may flatten out and require wiping before the whole job is coated with filler.
  • If the filler sets up too hard for easy wiping, moisten the wiping rag with Naptha.  Inspect the work.
  • If the pores are not filled level, apply a second coat of slightly thinner filler immediately, wiping off in the same way.
  • Paste Grain Filler should dry in a least 3 to 4 hours. It is important that the filler be completely dry before any other coating is applied.
  • The dry filler should be sanded lightly with 180 Free Cut Paper, and wiped off with a rag moistened with Naptha.